I had an arrow stuck in my shoulder for like 5 hours, not until I got shot by a new arrow did they fade after a while. The wedding went great but as soon as I set foot outside the temple of Mara my character suddenly stopped walking … report. Haha, man that is annoying. Nothing seems to be working. 11.2k. ... some npc shot me in the hand and the arrow is just stuck there so annoying since im playing mage i always have an arrow sticking out. How do I get rid of them. @TM. Having the icicle stick inside is part of the animation, but it sometimes persists until the player unequippes and reloads. Page 1 of 4 - Character frozen in place... - posted in Skyrim Technical Support: After playing Skyrim for a while in a mod heavy game my character started doing some strange things. Help? 47 in game days in at level 22 my character married Isobel from the mod interesting NPCs. So there's been arrows stuck in my character for a lot longer than usual. I've got an arrow and an ice spike stuck in my character that doesn't seem to want to leave. How do I remove the arrow from my character? Dakez 30 seconds in, the game froze. 3 Answers. Any ideas? Seriously Bethesda.. Characters hit by frost icicles and arrows may have it stuck to them. I'd very much like it if they could leave now. — I'll leave it to others to decide if or how much it needs edited or reigned in. I figured it would go away after a while like arrows do after a fight, but not this one. Looks in 3rd person arrow stuck through my head, trys everything, doesn't go away. Your character will switch gender, resetting your character model and eliminating the rogue arrow stuck on your body. save. For the player character, unequipping everything, saving, then reloading has been reported to solve the issue. share. 362 comments. Permanent bolt stuck in characters hand. :-) – Ben Blank Nov 13 '11 at 9:49 I've been on the same character for 38 hours. Years of playing and I just found these two hunters chilling taking a bath. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. anyway to reload my char model or something to clear ir? Skyrim arrow stuck in character (ps3)? Your character will switch gender, resetting your character model and eliminating the rogue arrow stuck on your body. Skyrim sex change fixes stuck arrow glitch. Ive been playing for a while now. hide. For companions, it should go away eventually. I've saved and reloaded and quit and reloaded and they continue to remain. I started a new game a few days ago and after a while I realised he had a bolt stuck in his hand. Skyrim sex change fixes stuck arrow glitch. Answer Save. Except I had two arrows stuck to my not-hand: like two inches away from my left hand there were two arrows floating "stuck" in my hand, and they stayed there for a long-ass time. I wanted to make sure it would show up in a search for "skyrim remove arrow", but otherwise just had fun with it. It's annoying. Same thing with me not the best experience so far. Have an arrow stuck in my character's back since yesterday. < > Showing 1-5 of 5 comments . Combat isn't what I expected by far, don't even have two sheaths for dual wielding swords the other sword just magically gets in your ***** hand. ... SKYRIM does it again. For a while I also had an arrow sticking out of her back but that seems to have finally disappeared. 10.9k. Tried sleeping, removing gear, etc. Happened to me, too. BUG: persistent arrows and ice shards in player body - posted in Skyrim Technical Support: Annoying and extremely immersion breaking bug: for the last half day, my toon has been running around with an ice shard impaled through her rear end and nothing makes it go away.